Corporate Profile 

Mr. Hanif Ghaffar – GM (designate)

Mr. Iqbal Mustafa – General Manager 

Mr. Saad Ali

Mr. Saad Ali is the part of ALFA EXCHANGE Management. He works primarily as Financial Advisor to the Management Board. He completed his Accounting Training Contract from PWC in London. He has diversified audit experience at junior and later supervisory levels undertaking specific assignments on Banking Institutions. He has recently joined the Institution but will gain solid experience in the areas of Foreign Exchange, Treasury Management, Financial Advisor / Management and General Management.

Mr. Safarullah Shamsuddin

Mr. Safarullah is Chief Operations Manager of the Main Branch. He has been in the Forex Business for the last twenty years and has had varied experience. He looks after the operations units of Alfa Exchange. For businesses )Retail & Corporate) he can be contacted at the Main Branch. 

Mr. Abul Casim

Mr. Casim, an MBA has been in the FOREX SERVICE / PROFESSION for the last ten years purely in the UAE. He started his career as Management Trainee and moved to the ladder, as Manager Compliance/ DD. He is involved at various levels in the Company to manage and control the affairs, transactions and operations. He bridges the gap between the Business and the Clients. Mr. Casim works very closely with the senior management to maintain solid business standing. 

Mr. Zaheer Ahmed 

Mr. Zaheer Ahmed, M.Com has been in the accounting profession for the last Six Years, while with ALFA EXCHANGE he has been for two years. He now holds the position of INTERNAL AUDITOR with the clear objective of not only controlling, inspecting and auditing the transactions from all angles, but further provides advisory, supportive and teaching approach to improve the quality of operations and HR. Mr. Z Ahmed further works very closely with Manager Compliance / Due Diligence.

Mr. Ismail Baig

Mr. Ismail Baig, M.Com has been in the accounting field in last ten years. Over the years, he has now moved as Chief Account Officer in the Company. He looks after all the financial affairs of the Company keeping in mind, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Budgeting and Forecasting. Mr. I. Baig has been with the Company for the last three years and plays a formidable role in the Company affairs.

Mr. Shoaib M. Saleem

Mr. Shoaib M. Saleem is the Head of Remittance Department. This department takes care of the execution of all remittances routed through the Company of Retail and Corporate Customers. Mr. Shoaib M. Saleem is with the Company for the last five years, and has had experience in the areas of Forex and Remittances of over five years. He works closely with Management and further assists in Marketing and Relationship Management with clients locally and internationally.

Mr. Usama Saleem

Mr. Usama Saleem MBA is running the Customer Services Department. Mr. U Saleem has had experience of Banking for six years started his career as Trainee Officer and gained experience in the Corporate Banking Divisions servicing and marketing the Retail and Corporate Customers. His job is skilled oriented as it requires communicating with the clients proactively for business development and post transactions care. A team of staff reports to him while he is closely in touch with the Treasury – Remittances – Operations and Compliance. The close coordination is extremely important to provide customers good service.

Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Uddin

Mr. Mohammad Yousuf, MBA - looks after the Treasury of the Company. He has been in the Treasury activities over the last two years. He is responsible for the FX Risk Management under the Risk Management Policy of the Company. The Company has very high turnover which Mr. Mohammad Yousuf controls to the best of his abilities. He is also involved in the Institutional / Corporate Customer Relationship Management and communicates with clients from Treasury Marketing perspective.  


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