AML Policy

ALFA EXCHANGE maintains high standard of professionalism and business acumen. The Management Committee of the Company provides necessary guidelines, directions, system and procedures to work within the defined parameters. Under no circumstances the Business can be compromised at the gain of profit. Therefore the Compliance and DD team works quite independently. The Operation team works within the given frames and these activities are monitored by the independent INTERNAL AUDIT DEPARTMENT. ALFA EXCHANGE management can easily say that the Business is run through the system, while the individuals are the pillars, but not the foundations. Moreover, the Business Managers the front line Treasury, Marketing, Remittances Division people work in absolute harmony with the support business departments. The activity of all the departments and the entire operation is monitored through the systems with Management is involved into daily affairs from the top.

ALFA EXCHNAGE would continue to monitor the Operations, Compliance and Marketing affairs independently and separately. Every unit importance is absolutely paramount, with AML, Compliance / KYC / DD will remain extremely important. 

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