What We Do

 What We Do

The Company is primarily engaged in the services of Payment Services and Cash Management – Buying and Selling of FCY / LCY. The Company has come a long way and presently is enjoying a very high turnover.

 The products being offered by the Company can be summarized briefly as follows:

  • Managing customers needs through varied products offering.
  • Foreign Exchange Buying and Selling
  • Cash Management for Retail and Wholesale Customers
  • Cash Management for Retail and Wholesale Customers
  • Commercial Remittances for Mid Size Traders with the objective of a medium scale transaction
  • Home Remittances in all major parts of the world through well defined relationships with local banks primarily in the emerging markets.
  • Western Union – A by-route for the Home Remittances
  • Advisory Services to Customers, wherever it applicable on selective and comfortable grounds. 


  Institutional Relationships

ALFA EXCHANGE has been maintaining very formidable and strong relationship with leading Financial Institutions and Banks throughout the world. These relationships have given the Company a very solid foundation and platform to serve the customers in major currencies and major centers.

The Company has developed the relationships on sound Management, Strong Systems, Steady Operational Methodologies and Continuous Review of Compliance/Due Diligence Policies. The Company has the team of qualified first line managers, who have been interacting with the Retail / Corporate Customers and bridging the gap between the Company Customers and Institutions and thus providing an excellent support. This over the years has developed a solid background of the Company with the Financial Institutions which is based on TRUST, CONFIDENCE, MUTUAL INTEREST, COMMITMENT AND OPERATIONAL HARMONY. These relationships are reviewed on regular basis from all aspects and the gaps are addressed. Thus the relationships are expected to gain strengths in the coming years

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